This blog might be of interest to you who

If you are able to perfectly assume yourself, to earn your living by doing exactly what your heart dictates (you manage to perceive what you like...), this blog might not be of interest to you.

It may even annoy some of you who do know how to take responsibility for themselves... If that's the case, I'm so happy for you. Truly.

It means that you have reclaimed your own path, raised your awareness and freed yourself from the bonds of submission. That is not a small feat. Kudos to you!

And if your childhood's memories are associated with a positive outlook, it means that you were surrounded with people who understand the importance of raising you to be an accomplished human being!

Here I may share ideas that have worked (or not) for me or for people I know of. Nothing I write can be the only way and every one has to find their own path. That is actually the beauty of it and I so love that. Watching how each one creates their own way.


Who am I

For those who don't know me...

Choosing that particular path and wanting to work with you particularly is of course not a coincidence.

My upbringing was stifling, repressive and didn't welcome proper individuality. It was hard to think for myself and when I did, I was made to think otherwise or else. Instead of talking for myself, we talked for me unless asked for. I was supposed to be a good girl and do as I was told. So I went from behaving submissive to being a confident depending on what was asked of me. My grades were crap to keep a low profile with also some fear that whatever I would earn would be taken away from me.

I was deprived of unconditional love and everything I did was to get some. We made promises to me in exchange for some price... Most of the time they were broken. But I really wanted to be loved so I tried as much as I could to be that which we wanted of me. It drove me to a profound lack of self esteem. Unable to see what was good about me and undervaluing what I did well.

I could go on and this is not to pity me. I had to take some steps and make some changes who were needed for me – like cutting all ties with my families – but the most important part is what I got from it.

I learned to navigate through others behaviours and emotions. Finding clues about a person desire and understand the cause of what was or could trouble them. I became very good at listening the change of someone's emotions. I learned about the importance of ethic and authenticity as well as the importance of reclaiming your own path and surround yourself with people who can really see you and not a projection they would make about yourself.

I also learned about the importance of caring for your own needs instead of waiting for someone to do it for you. To do this, of course, it's important to know what those needs are... as well as what you love and what makes you tick.

What I'm most passionate about? People! Discovering what moves them, touches them, makes them get up in the morning...

Today, I want to do my part and instead of wanting to help everyone and anyone because it's my nature to help, I want to focus on you who yearn to reclaim at last your own original Self.