Creating a resource map

Great picture of a map from Ian Dooley

This is something I'd like to develop for myself and share that with others as it can be a great help to remind ourselves of * our talents * interests * what is easy for us to make – do – ...

And it could be a great reference to get back on track when we lose ourselves when for any reasons when we feel * disconnected * unclear ideas * influenced in a way we don't want to...

This may help to create such a map:

  1. Developing our understanding of what has prevented us from feeling independent and autonomous
  2. Finding what sparkles my interests:
    • going back to childhood
    • looking at what is feeling easy to me (eg: techology and understand how git works ;)
  3. Looking at what puts me down
    • my energy level (and how I feel in my body – mind – emotion) is a great indicator
    • developing an awareness of what I am responsible to and finding a balance between it and what is going on in the world (not an easy one this one)
  4. Defining my personal ways of learning (and more generally of doing – thinking or relating to things)
    • to make things easier and more pleasurable to us and quicker
    • that may depend a lot on what sparks my interests (cf 2.) but other parameters might be taken into account
    • the environment I am in
    • the people I interact with
    • the tools I'm using
    • the values and ethics I stand for...
  5. Find what can sustain and care for my special needs to keep my energy level up
    • need for good adapted food and movement
    • fun activities
    • relaxation times (meditation)
    • ...

This is one of the project that has not been shared but matured this last years. Some have been implemented in my own life, others didn't and I feel that thanks to the people I have exchanged in the Qoto Community – Special mention to Rob G. – I can dare to express what I have been longing to put my heart into as well as going deep into the stuff that I care about: learning to develop ourselves as a great human being we ought to be.

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