Developping my autonomy with the high tech

Right now, I use my computer to go on the web, write and send messages and the likes , I'm not yet making anything, neither apps nor a webpage but I want to do more and I want to do it with ethics towards data, the energy and be more resilient and to do this I want to understand what the heck I'm doing.

I have to tell'ya I'm a 45 year old frenchie who uses Linux (Ubuntu so maybe not the best of the best), Firefox and Brave, as well as Startpage for my searching. I refused for a while to watch on Youtube but went back into it... I know. I need more congruence in my life!

Since the confinement I've searched and read a lot of enticing blogs out there that have been created to teach you to master coding because it can open big opportunities and by doing side gigs one's hope there will always be jobs. And that sound great! Being confined and not able to work in my industry as a health practitioner, I am definitely thinking about it...

But I have no clue. So my first step is to get comfy with the basics so that I can play around on this very blog with the presentation – hosted in this oh so cool, the only one that I've found that is a breeze to write into – and that gives me freedom to tweek the Css when I'll know more of the basics (Markdown-Html-Css).

Next is to keep on finding softwares that are truly free (as in freedom) and non proprietary (again I need to develop congruence) and be careful even when it is open source, as they are often associated with Google (Play) or Amazon (AWS)...

The tech world is a critical part of our world and I need to be more aware of it to develop my autonomy.