I should be writing more regularly

I know I should but I'm working on putting together all the stuff I have on the very subject that this blog is all about. For now I'm using this platform to build my confidence in writing without too much thinking of how the blog looks like.

I first need to get my head around the content subject and see the structure. That is not one of my strength so a tool that helps with that is cool. I was using sublime text but it didn't work. maybe because it didn't have the summary straight in there.

Thanks to Mike Stone I am using Ghostwriter and this is helping me get some order in the chaos I have been unable to organise this last years. Truth, you don't see much of it right now. I hope to get it out soon. I have a 16223 words text that is blog – podcast material as well as services – product material.

Of course I know that it is by sharing and experimenting that I will get this project running... I'm going to set up a small group of people to test out one service and see how it goes... To be honest I'm scared that this whole thing will be useful to no one... but me.