Making things happen

When you're stuck, it's hard to feel independent and autonomous. You feel helpless and although it is really worthwhile to engage with others for the boost and the wisdom you will have from the interaction, you can help yourself by devising your own program and get a better grip of your current personal situation.

  1. First of all, make an inventory of your situation:

    • finance (our relationship to money, how we feel and our beliefs)
    • environment (where we live, a space of one's own or not, relation to objects)
    • relationship (in couple or not, interaction, trust, tensions)
    • professional activity (paid job or not, exciting...)
    • accomplishments (fulfilled dreams, regrets, experiences...)
    • emotions (boredom – emptiness – anguish – fears...)
    • would like to feel... (free – enthusiastic – fulfilled – accomplished...)
  2. Determine your why ?

    • to move towards more autonomy and independence.
    • give meaning to his life rather than that imposed by others
    • feel in my true place
    • feel a sense of connection with others while respecting one's own needs
    • bring out the best in you (authentic)
    • Dare to be yourself with others
  3. Determine how you want to get things done – your values?

    • My ways would be to do things in line with permaculture vision which are → Start small → keep it simple → respect needs and “terrain” (we're all different so are the solutons)
    • Also I want to abide with ethical/holistic/resilient principles**
    • Are there other skills, know-how, aptitudes, techniques, postures to be developed
  4. Something else that can be interesting to note or do are

    • What are the steps that reveals your repressed needs
    • What you want to manifest (Law of Attraction)
    • What would help you develop your imagination and creativity
    • Which areas-domains of interest needs to be attended to make things happen.

Mine are learning, relationship to money, relationship with my spouse & family, housing, professional...

This is only a beginning, a draft that it is good to develop and deepen to make a “Road-Map “.