Mapping out your Re⋅source⋅s

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The end goal is to develop your own autonomy & resilience as well as tapping and/or reconnect to your own unique creativity – identity – personal make up.

One way would be to create a map of your personal re⋅source⋅s

Mapping your resources to find, develop or rediscover your own thread – way and your intuit-ion when you've disconnected from yourself. It helps develop and maintain clear and healthy boundaries in yourself as well as finding out how to interact with others and knowing what to do when you've lost track of your path.

The following questions might help in creating this map:

  1. How is your energy level? How do you feel in your own body? Do you feel cut or whole? Can you see the signs of what cuts you off from yourselves? → stress – fear – need for protection & safety – pain? Can you feel what makes you vibrate (that's like a gauge that tells you if you're in phase with yourself)? → connection with your source – your way⋅s of doing things – your dreams? Is your energy high – does it fizzle – do you feel aligned with yourself? How to know if you're “connected” to your res-source(s) and if you're in congruence with yourself? Is your energy depleted or not and is your enthusiasm there or not? You may see this as an internal guide and search for the moment where things resonates or matches in yourself. Sometimes your energy can be low and it may have nothing to do with what you do. It can be linked to the people you're with, the set up of the environment you're in or how things are done. That might stress you out because your values might be affected. If you keep coming back to the subject as an interest or on the contrary if it's painful and you're unable to get past it, there's something that needs to be taken care of. There could be a resource lying there that's yours. Or it may be a loyalty tie that needs to be brought out to consciousness and then sort out so that you can reclaim what's yours...

  2. What are your posture strengths? What are your values, your ethics? What are the ways things has to be done for you? Which models or ideas you relate to &/or you love? What do you care about? What is your own point of view on it?

  3. How is your self esteem right now? Enabling a strong sense of self confidence comes with securing your sense of self. How do you feel about it? What are your past accomplishments – achievements? Look at your experiences & actions to give you clues. What are your facilities (things you do with ease and comfort without thinking) in which you do things – your talents revealed. What are the things – broad sense ;–) that you've always been attracted to and you come back to again and again. Even if you didn't make anything out of it... Something that has a lifelong appeal? What are your dreams & unexpressed desires?

These questions above are only a base to begin the process of reclaiming your path to autonomy and it allows me to begin unravelling the 3000 pages documentation I have written thoughout the years.

I would love to exchange with you on this so don't hesitate to contact me via * Mastodon or * LinkedIn