On creating my financial independence

I've looked at resources in the web wide world to inspire me and put down my personal course of action. After a day of it, my head is spinning. I don't know where to turn to. Truth be told, I am so used at expecting a charming prince to resolve my problem that the habit of victimising myself runs deep. I think that my energy level reflects that.

I know I need to tackle at the same time, the knowledge on managing my money and develop the means (ie the money) to deal with my issue. There are a lot of articles – online courses on the web telling you how to earn money:

The question I'm asking myself right now is how not to lose my motivation and keep diligent at my lack of energy when I lose interest or when I don't have someone encouraging me... The subject of the matter (finance) is so overwhelming for me that I can't seem to know what I need to do first.