Practical skills

I want to learn practical skills that will help me develop my independance.

Some of which are:

I want and need to begin with the finance. I may use Josh Kaufman's 20 hours method to learn about it:

Simply, he gives 5 steps to that help us towards “focused deliberate practice”: 1. Deconstruct the skills 2. Break apart the skills 3. Learn enough to self correct 4. Remove practice barriers 5. Practice at least 20 hours

To do it right it is important to 1st gather all the tools that are needed before the learning begins.

If I want to achieve finance literacy for example I need to know which core areas I need to learn about. Is it:

Note to myself: I will have to expand and refine this list...

And most important, I need to have cash flow coming my way and not depend on someone else as I do right now with my soon to be ex-partner. And because the Corona-virus is here (I believe for awhile), I can't only rely on the job I used to do (Bodywork). I have to look for other means – maybe online...

Sooo I guess I'll need to get down to these 2 subjects at the same time. How to get money fast and how to manage it well while having fun in the process and respect who I am.