Pulling out the thread

As I go through * the fear, * the worry, * the break-up with my partner of 10 years and * what is at the core of my blockages that prevents me from bringing my best self to others... I am slowly beginning to pull out the thread that has been there all along in front of me.

The most urgent stuff I need to deal with right now is my relationship with finance. I am so not literate about it! I have no asset, no savings, no mortgage, ...

I have no clue about it and just hearing about financial lingo can throw me into brain freeze and fear. Whenever I have to deal with money, it feels like a drag.

Of course sometimes I can imagine how much I could earn to make things better but it feels like a far away goal.

But enough of imagining and not accomplishing. Enough of feeling inadequate and without internal ressources. Enough of criticizing myself for who I am! And more of encouragement, enjoyment, and excitement for what I am, do and produce.

It's not about the money, it's about how I can open myself up to who I am...

Anyway, it's a little peep talk or reminder to encourage myself whenever I go down in self-loathing.