The 20 hours

What if I could change things up by applying Josh Kaufman's 1st 20 hours?

I know I need a bit of structure if I want to get down on the subject (autonomy). So I thought I would try his method. For convenience and reference, I want to summarize it here.

The 1st 20 hours – How to learn anything Josh Kaufman @ TedX

You can learn anything in just about 20 hours The major barrier to skill acquisition isn't intellectual it's emotional.

Josh Kaufman

The goal here is rapid skills acquisition through focused deliberate practice.

Now there are 3 phases of learning:

  1. You have to focus strongly and really think about the subject you're studying
  2. You now interrelate parts of the process and you start to do it on your own. It feels more natural
  3. At last you can just do it and it feels automatic.

And 4 Steps to get into it:

Make sure you have the tools you need to work and learn

  1. Deconstruct the skills To do it the best is to chunk down what you want to learn into smaller sub-skills that are easier to understand and practice
  2. Learn enough to self correct To do this step, it is important to research the things that are really important and the techniques that are used all the time. It's not the number of hours that count. The learning has to be very specific in order to achieve the best outcome.
  3. Remove practice barriers Anything that will stop you from practicing: out! (phones, watching any cat's videos,...).
  4. Practice at least 20 hours Some apply themselves to 40 min per day because it is easy to find those minutes in a day – which means that in a month you have learned it.

Repetition is very very important.