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What if I could change things up by applying Josh Kaufman's 1st 20 hours?

I know I need a bit of structure if I want to get down on the subject (autonomy). So I thought I would try his method. For convenience and reference, I want to summarize it here.

The 1st 20 hours – How to learn anything Josh Kaufman @ TedX

You can learn anything in just about 20 hours The major barrier to skill acquisition isn't intellectual it's emotional.

Josh Kaufman

The goal here is rapid skills acquisition through focused deliberate practice.

Now there are 3 phases of learning:

  1. You have to focus strongly and really think about the subject you're studying
  2. You now interrelate parts of the process and you start to do it on your own. It feels more natural
  3. At last you can just do it and it feels automatic.

And 4 Steps to get into it:

Make sure you have the tools you need to work and learn

  1. Deconstruct the skills To do it the best is to chunk down what you want to learn into smaller sub-skills that are easier to understand and practice
  2. Learn enough to self correct To do this step, it is important to research the things that are really important and the techniques that are used all the time. It's not the number of hours that count. The learning has to be very specific in order to achieve the best outcome.
  3. Remove practice barriers Anything that will stop you from practicing: out! (phones, watching any cat's videos,...).
  4. Practice at least 20 hours Some apply themselves to 40 min per day because it is easy to find those minutes in a day – which means that in a month you have learned it.

Repetition is very very important.

I am so upset

I was writing an other article on the steps I needed to make in order to develop autonomy and wanted to cut a long one into 2 shorter posts I did a mistake and now it's impossible to get it back. I know I should keep it on my editor (for now I use Sublime text – no I'm not a developer...). Anyway, I feel upset because i liked this post. i kinda liked it. But now I feel so bad that I can't even remember the title and all the ideas I put down...

So instead of keeping it all in I wanted to write down about it and get on with it. Reminder to myself: Keep what you write 'til you publish it and you see it is published!

I've looked at resources in the web wide world to inspire me and put down my personal course of action. After a day of it, my head is spinning. I don't know where to turn to. Truth be told, I am so used at expecting a charming prince to resolve my problem that the habit of victimising myself runs deep. I think that my energy level reflects that.

I know I need to tackle at the same time, the knowledge on managing my money and develop the means (ie the money) to deal with my issue. There are a lot of articles – online courses on the web telling you how to earn money:

  • Some are get-rich-quickly-schemes (not going near these)
  • Others demand very high knowledge on programming and/or a taste & competency for design.
  • If you know how to write, you can create content (e-books/online courses/podcast...)
  • Then there are Virtual Assistant jobs (for Pinterest also)...

The question I'm asking myself right now is how not to lose my motivation and keep diligent at my lack of energy when I lose interest or when I don't have someone encouraging me... The subject of the matter (finance) is so overwhelming for me that I can't seem to know what I need to do first.

En se concoctant un programme adapté à notre situation personnelle actuelle afin de développer son autonomie et indépendance.

  1. D'abord, faire un état des lieux de sa situation :

    • finance (notre relation à l'argent, ce que l'on ressent et nos croyances)
    • environnement (là où l'on vit, un espace à soi ou pas, rapport aux objets)
    • relation (en couple ou pas, interaction, confiance, tensions)
    • activité professionnelle (emploi rémunérée ou pas, passionnant...)
    • accomplissements (rêves réalisés, regrets, expériences...)
    • émotions (ennui – vide – angoisse – peurs...)
    • aimerait se sentir... (libre – enthousiaste – épanouie – accomplie...)
  2. Déterminer son pourquoi ?

    • pour aller vers plus d'autonomie et d'indépendance
    • donner un sens à sa vie plutôt que celui imposé par les autres
    • se sentir à ma vraie place
    • ressentir le sens du lien avec les autres tout en respectant ses propres besoins
    • faire ressortir le meilleur de soi-même (authentique)
    • oser être soi avec les autres
  3. Comment ?

    • Développer des principes éthique/holistique/résilient
    • Utiliser la vision permaculturelle → Commencer petit → rester simple → respecter ses besoins et son “terrain” (on est tous différents du coup les solutons aussi)
    • Autres compétences, savoir-faires, aptitudes, techniques, postures à développer
  4. Quelles étapes

    • Révéler ses besoins réprimés
    • Visualiser ce que l'on souhaite manifester (loi de l'attraction)
    • Développer son imagination et sa créativité
    • Voir les domaines qui vous intéressent et qui sont nécessaires pour faire bouger les choses.

Les miens sont l'apprentissage, le rapport à l'argent, les relations avec mon conjoint & la famille, l'habitat, le professionnel...

Ceci n'est qu'une amorce, un brouillon qu'il est bon de développer et d'approfondir pour en faire un “Road-Map”.

Right now, I use my computer to go on the web, write and send messages and the likes , I'm not yet making anything, neither apps nor a webpage but I want to do more and I want to do it with ethics towards data, the energy and be more resilient and to do this I want to understand what the heck I'm doing.

I have to tell'ya I'm a 45 year old frenchie who uses Linux (Ubuntu so maybe not the best of the best), Firefox and Brave, as well as Startpage for my searching. I refused for a while to watch on Youtube but went back into it... I know. I need more congruence in my life!

Since the confinement I've searched and read a lot of enticing blogs out there that have been created to teach you to master coding because it can open big opportunities and by doing side gigs one's hope there will always be jobs. And that sound great! Being confined and not able to work in my industry as a health practitioner, I am definitely thinking about it...

But I have no clue. So my first step is to get comfy with the basics so that I can play around on this very blog with the presentation – hosted in this oh so cool, the only one that I've found that is a breeze to write into – and that gives me freedom to tweek the Css when I'll know more of the basics (Markdown-Html-Css).

Next is to keep on finding softwares that are truly free (as in freedom) and non proprietary (again I need to develop congruence) and be careful even when it is open source, as they are often associated with Google (Play) or Amazon (AWS)...

The tech world is a critical part of our world and I need to be more aware of it to develop my autonomy.

As a reminder

If I am not for myself, who will be for me? If I am only for myself, what am I? If not now, when?


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Pour avancer sur mon projet d'autonomie, il y a des aspects que j'ai besoin d'explorer. Je sais que j'ai vis-à-vis des autres et de moi-même des préjugés qui me limitent, voire qui créent de la colère et des ressentiments.

Je vous parle de ça parce que c'est un sujet qui revient assez souvent dans ma vie et qui porte préjudice à mes relations, à mes projets, et à ma vision du monde. J'ai souffert de cela en étant le récipient de ces jugements à l'emporte-pièce et je sais que d'autres ont souffert de mes propres préjugés.

Pour évoluer et avancer sur ce sujet, j'ai besoin de clarifier en moi ce qu'est un préjugé et un jugement. Si je regarde la définition de ces mots, je remarque qu'il y a une grosse différence entre ces 2 mots :

Dans Wikipédia, je peux lire qu'un préjugé est une opinion préconçue, qu'on porte d'avance, avant d'avoir réuni les éléments, nous permettant d'avoir un avis éclairé et lucide. Il y a donc la notion de parti pris, de partialité, de discrimination vis-à-vis de l'autre.

Dans un autre dico, la définition d'un jugement semble être une qualité, une faculté où le regard est plus raisonné, plus juste et plus proche de la réalité.

Lorsque c'est le préjugé qui prime, ce ne sont que souffrances, blessures et incompréhensions qui en résultent. Préjuger fait mal, provoque des ressentiments de la part de ceux qui les reçoivent. On ne considère plus la personne en tant que tel. On ne la regarde plus véritablement. On la met en boîte. On pré-juge en fonction de nos propres carcans, blessures, croyances, éducations, ignorances...

Toutes les personnes qui ont souffert de préjugés ne vont pas forcément aller là-dedans mais ce n'est pas parce que l'on a été jugé et que l'on en a souffert que cela nous prémunise contre les préjugés. Si c'était le cas, j'en serais ravie parce que cela m'éviterait de faire mal aux gens que j'aime et de souffrir encore aujourd'hui...

Les préjugés réduisent la personnes à des clichés. à des boîtes, alors qu'une personne est multifacette. Elle est tellement plus que son apparence, que ce que d'autres ou elle-même pensent (croient) qu'elle est.

Une personne ne peut être résumée à une boîte qui sera forcément fausse parce que limitée comparé à la véritable dimension qu'est la personne.

Comprendre cela dans mon cœur et mon corps m'aidera je l'espère, à être plus consciente et à libérer des ressentiments que j'ai pu avoir vis-à-vis de certains proches. Mais aussi permettre à mon niveau de libérer des relations où j'ai (eu) ma part de responsabilité.

I want to learn practical skills that will help me develop my independance.

Some of which are:

  • Nutrition
  • Physical education
  • Sex education
  • Critical thinking
  • Personal finance

I want and need to begin with the finance. I may use Josh Kaufman's 20 hours method to learn about it:

Simply, he gives 5 steps to that help us towards “focused deliberate practice”: 1. Deconstruct the skills 2. Break apart the skills 3. Learn enough to self correct 4. Remove practice barriers 5. Practice at least 20 hours

To do it right it is important to 1st gather all the tools that are needed before the learning begins.

If I want to achieve finance literacy for example I need to know which core areas I need to learn about. Is it:

  • Budgeting and setting financial goals
  • Paying bills and saving money
  • Basics of loans (personal, debt, mortgages, etc)
  • Credit cards and credit scores
  • How investing works, 401ks, the stock market, etc.?

Note to myself: I will have to expand and refine this list...

And most important, I need to have cash flow coming my way and not depend on someone else as I do right now with my soon to be ex-partner. And because the Corona-virus is here (I believe for awhile), I can't only rely on the job I used to do (Bodywork). I have to look for other means – maybe online...

Sooo I guess I'll need to get down to these 2 subjects at the same time. How to get money fast and how to manage it well while having fun in the process and respect who I am.

As I go through * the fear, * the worry, * the break-up with my partner of 10 years and * what is at the core of my blockages that prevents me from bringing my best self to others... I am slowly beginning to pull out the thread that has been there all along in front of me.

The most urgent stuff I need to deal with right now is my relationship with finance. I am so not literate about it! I have no asset, no savings, no mortgage, ...

I have no clue about it and just hearing about financial lingo can throw me into brain freeze and fear. Whenever I have to deal with money, it feels like a drag.

Of course sometimes I can imagine how much I could earn to make things better but it feels like a far away goal.

But enough of imagining and not accomplishing. Enough of feeling inadequate and without internal ressources. Enough of criticizing myself for who I am! And more of encouragement, enjoyment, and excitement for what I am, do and produce.

It's not about the money, it's about how I can open myself up to who I am...

Anyway, it's a little peep talk or reminder to encourage myself whenever I go down in self-loathing.